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(Book) The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing

(Book) The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing

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Jesus Creed 2017 Commentary of the Year
Outreach 2018 Resource of the Year (Theology)

A Top Five Reference Book for Parish Ministry in 2017, Academy of Parish Clergy

The Sermon on the Mount, one of the most influential portions of the Bible, is the most studied and commented upon portion of the Christian Scriptures. Every Christian generation turns to it for insight and guidance.

In this volume, a recognized expert on the Gospels shows that the Sermon on the Mount offers a clear window into understanding God's work in Christ. Jonathan Pennington provides a historical, theological, and literary commentary on the Sermon and explains how this text offers insight into God's plan for human flourishing. As Pennington explores the literary dimensions and theological themes of this famous passage, he situates the Sermon in dialogue with the Jewish and Greek virtue traditions and the philosophical-theological question of human flourishing. He also relates the Sermon's theological themes to contemporary issues such as ethics, philosophy, and economics.